There Once Was a Crooked Rainbow

By Mama May i


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This is a hand-cut, made-to-order item. Kindly allow an extra 7 business days for this item to be sent out. Thank you!

There is something magical about rainbows. The way the colors collaborate with one another. The way the curves mingle. The way the arches circle ‘round in a hug. And there is something whimsical about the peculiarity of a crooked, wavy line –childlike. Not trying or pretending to be perfect. But beautiful just the same. There Once Was a Crooked Rainbow that wanted to come play…

And inspire with its colors. Even if it were left to be on a shelf. 
But allowed to come play? Oh, allowed to come play, and magic it will make. Creating arches and caves; boundaries and spindles; walkways, architecture, and art. Allowed to play, and it will intrigue and inspire. Help your little explorer create a magical story that begins: There Once Was a Crooked Rainbow…
And prepare to be awed by imagination.

There Once Was a Crooked Rainbow has been: hand cut from birch, sanded silky smooth, coated with a nontoxic watercolor wash, and finished with a light, organic beeswax and jojoba oil to help maintain its vibrant color.

This Rainbow stacker measures approximately 10" tall and 10" wide.

Kindly Allow 2-3 Weeks for this hand cut set to be sent. Thank you!