Rainbow Nest

By Mama May i


The perfect addition to our Spring time Learning Table, these Counting Eggs add a pop of color as well as a little something to find, count, sort, and explore imaginative thinking with. Where did they come from? Whose eggs are they? What’s inside? When will they hatch? How can we take care of them? A great little conversation prop and inspiration for pretend play. 

Each tiny egg measures a little less than 1” tall by a little more than ½” wide. The set contains 18 eggs; 3 of each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Each has been painted with a watercolor wash and lightly sealed with beeswax. 

The wooden nest is approximately 2.5” wide, painted brown and coated with beeswax in the same way.

Everything comes in a convenient little pouch to make clean-ups a cinch.

The Set you Get:
18 eggs (3 of each color)
Wooden scoop