Cubes & Coins

By Mama May i


What’s better than some extras to add to your building collection? Here is a great game in differentiation: a skill that is practical for everyday, early reading, and just plain fun to figure out. Can your little explorer put these objects in order from smallest to biggest? How about from biggest to smallest? Is this purple block bigger or smaller than this orange block? Can you build them up to the sky? Can you knock them over? Which one is heaviest? Is it easier to put the red on top of the purple one, or the purple one on top of the red one? Can you find the center of gravity and balance the objects one on top of the other? They could be stepping stones, tables, or stairs for fairies. Building Blocks. Rainbows. Mushroom clouds. Meant to accompany the Stick & Stones play set, this is the perfect addition to a Sensory Bin, Learning Table, or Learning Shelf. Spark your little one’s imagination with these colorful, open-ended play things.

Each item has been colored with a nontoxic watercolor wash and lightly sealed with beeswax. 

The smallest coin is only ¾” in diameter
And the largest coin is 1 ¾” in diameter

The smallest block is only 1” cubed
And the largest block is 2.5” cubed

These differentiation puzzles are somewhat self-correcting. If you have them in the proper order, by the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, they are in the correct size order from Smallest → Biggest.

As with all of the toys in the Rainbow Series, this set is not intended for little ones who still mouth things and is not meant to get wet. This set has small pieces and could pose a choking hazard risk. As with all toys, supervision is advised.