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Election Day in the USA 2012

Posted on Nov 06, 2012. 1 comment


If you live in the United Sates, you have anticipated this day for months now. You have been berated by the political commercials on the television. Moved by the many Facebook friends who have strong political views. Laughed at the political satires on Saturday Night TV. But today....Today is the day we get to exercise our RIGHT TO VOTE. 


Take this opportunity to share with your little ones about what it means to be a part of a democracy. Vote on "what's for dinner tonight. Or "what we should do for family fun day this weekend." Show them that you are interested in the issues and engaged in the outcome. If you can bring them along with you to the polling station, do it. Mine could feel the excitement and were happy to receive a sticker. They wanted to be a part of it just as much as I do...and isn't that the point. We ALL get to be a PART OF It. We have the RIGHT to vote.


So Use it.


We did. I brought the girls to our polling station. We talked about "democracy" and what it means to "vote". Mama's voting for someone who I think will be the most fair in "making rules for the people in our country"

. I read the ballot to her and pushed the buttons. She hit the big green button to cast our VOTE ! She thinks our guy is going to win the "race" --- in her mind a challenge of stamina and foot to pavement action. I guess she's really not too far off :-) Thankful to be sharing this experience with my girls. Thankful to have a say. Thankful to have my voice heard --- and my childrens' voices heard in a democracy. You have the RIGHT. Use it.


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