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Children's Home Art Studio

Posted on Aug 15, 2012. 3 comments

Buga is still completely enamored over her Art Studio...and there have been more art projects made since its inception than ever before -- which makes me enamored with it too. Take up precious row-home space for a children's art table, you ask? Absolutely! It's already gotten more traffic than my china cabinet ever did. It's functional space. Real estate in my home is a commodity...but, I do not regret this investment one iota. Paint. Stickers. Tape. Pens. Pencils. Crayons. Conte. Collage. Brushes. Oil pastels. Scissors. Glue. Stamps. Ink. Do a dot. Beads. Pipe cleaners. Pom poms. Gemstones. You name it. So much use. I would have LOVED something like this when I was a child....or a high school student. Who am I kidding? It still makes me giddy inside to see all those writing utensils and craft supplies at our fingertips.

1. Wooden scratching supplies, sticks, stamps, ink pad
2. Tissue squares, construction paper cutouts, paper fragments
3. Oil pastels, do-a-dot, homemade crayons, recycled crayons
4. Random paper cutouts, leftover paint swatches for collaging, wooden squares
5. Foam pieces, parts, clothespins, collage goodies
6. Stickers galore

1. Washi tape roll. I love wash tape for packaging, collaging, sticking, adhering....There are schmencils, colored pencils, smelly markers, color slicks, oil pastels, glitter glue, paints, twisty crayons, regular crayons, thin markers, thick markers, black-paper markers, glue sticks, scissors, pencils, pens, brushes
2. Beads, pipe cleaners, hole punched shapes, straw bits, popsicle sticks
3. Beeswax crayons, beads, pipe cleaner flower vase
4. Toddler Tools - large crayons, crayon chunks, and veggies to work on our "still life" drawings
Artist, hard at work. Buga and Boo have both spent SO MUCH TIME crafting, creating, playing, and imagining in this little art space. I absolutely ADORE watching their creations unfold. The unusual space above the art table is shaped like a triangle, so it was difficult to think of an easy, convenient way to turn it into an art gallery. I opted for the little wax-backed teacher clips (for now). I really want to put up picture frames to make her artwork look super special....but for now, it's been nice to easily change these pictures as she makes them (especially because the size paper she uses changes every drawing....and if I need to rearrange the wax clips to accommodate a size change it's super easy - without damaging our walls).

These are my favorites right now :) 
 The penguin up top. A monster. A Family portrait. A Horse. A Rainbow. A glimpse of her pond on black paper with gold fish. A picture of her as a flower girl. A Palm tree. A Tree.

We have made restaurant menus, party decorations, welcome signs, alphabet collages, gifts, pictures, mail, market has been the catalyst for a lot of pretend play.

If you are considering creating an artsy space in your home for your little ones to play with, I say go for it. You will be delighted by the creations they make and inspired by their creative vision. 


  • Posted by Mama May i on Feb 22, 2013

    Hi Laura,

    We found those little buckets in the kitchen section of IKEA – as well as the bars to hang them. The great thing about it is that if we are doing a project say, on the kitchen table, we can take the cup of markers, or crayons, or pencils right over to the table for use. Also, I don’t know if many people know this, but those little cups actually fit on the lip of the Easel (also from IKEA) and I love adding just a couple media elements to the easel at a time. So I might hook on markers for the day or oil pastels for something different. It’s a great way to mix things up and get the little ones exploring with different textures and materials.

  • Posted by Laura Edgar on Feb 20, 2013

    What did you use for all the pens…where did you get the cups and what are they hanging on? I love it, we have a space almost exactly like that an I’m going to do this! Thanks for the idea :-)

  • Posted by Louise on Sep 27, 2012

    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas! Our art area is getting a makeover next week!

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