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Posted on Nov 14, 2011. 1 comment

peanut butter sandwich, pepperoni, almond slivers, cheese stick, carrot sticks, green grapes

I have always loved the ideas of bentos. For adults. For kids. For toddlers. There is just something about cute little colorful foods combined together in a thoughtful way that makes my heart happy. Even though Buga doesn't eat lunch at school or have to bring a lunch to school I found myself investigating bento lunches before the school year began. I decided to buy an arsenal of fun Bento supplies so I could start crafting our lunches this way. I don't do iteveryday but I find it's good practice so that when she does start school I hope to be a little more efficient at packing them. She loves opening her little boxes to see what's inside - like a small nutritious gift for the day - she gets surprised and gets to explore what's inside every lunch. Yum! What do you find yourself packing a lot of for your little ones lunches?

Fruit, granola, yogurt, baby carrots

strawberries, blueberry yogurt, carrot sticks, peanut butter sandwich heart, fruit leather strips

peanut butter sandwich circle, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, dressing in the little bunny container, almond, green grapes, apples cut like flowers with a bunny fork-pick

Pink-a-licious. strawberries, raspberries, pink lady apples, sausage and egg wrap with a pink toothpick, on a pink plate

carrot sticks, cucumber slices, hummus in the green lion container, green grapes with a bunny fork-pick, green apple, tuna fish, strawberries, teddy grahams

cheese stick, baby carrots, green gapes, honey crisp apples, tuna fish sandwich, teddy grahams


  • Posted by Louise on Sep 27, 2012

    I thought I packed thoughtful, healthy lunches. The bar has been raised I’ve just met my new standard lol! Please tell me where you got the bunny fork! My daughters would love it! I use metallic plastic appetizer forks but the bunny fork takes the cake!

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